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Ford is an American multinational company, among which is known for their splendid cars. It was founded back in 1910 by Henry Ford, where he got huge success with the Ford T model, which was sold for more than 15 million. copies of less than 20 years due to the cheap price. In addition, Ford was also the first company to make use of the assembly line, so you could produce a car in a couple of hours instead of half a day. However, this did not take into account customer wishes, and the model was only available in a color, black. This is not the case today. Now tailor-made Ford cars to all kinds of customers, so you get one that meets all your needs.

Ford is a number of popular car models, including Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo. If starting with the least, it's the Ford Fiesta. This was launched back in 1976 and is still being produced today. There have been a number of new generations of the model that are bigger and stronger than the one produced first. However, it is still classified as a minibil.

The next major of these models is Ford Focus. Denner is classified as a small middle class car, where the Ford Mondeo is classified as one of the same medium-sized cars. The Ford Focus was launched in 1998, where Mondeo was in! 993. Since then, there have been several generations of both models.

The many models and generations mean that you need a wide range of Ford spare parts, so there are the original parts for one's model. Therefore, you can of course get Ford Fiesta spare parts, Ford Focus spare parts and Ford Mondeo spare parts. In this way you are guaranteed the original parts for the car as much generation as possible, whether it's engine, interior, wheels etc ..


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